Tyler Gilbert

Released: March 29, 2019

Label: GVG Records

Producer: Justin Bender, Tyler Gilbert

Recorded at: Divergent Sounds, Green Room Studios, Blue Door Studio

Item #: CK807-06

  1. Need Love & Shelter
  2. Electric
  3. Oliver Jackson
  4. Stand For You
  5. Shadows
  6. Erased
  7. New Beginnings
  8. Somewhere Along the Way
  9. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  10. How Long Till I
  11. Real Lies
  12. What You Gonna Do
  13. The Weary, The Warrior, The Fade
  14. Rock in the Road
  15. Ghosts Behind Your Mind
  16. Across the Sea

Album Notes: Underdog is a big step away from the folk rock sound Tyler has become known for. This album signifies his departure from the folk world and his debut into the rock realm. With the main single offering up a more mainstream rock sound, songs like Electric show Gilbert's ability to write a diverse range of music styles by offering up his heaviest song to date. It is also evident of his experimenting vocal techniques within the album.

Underdog features top notch performers such as Mike Young (Mother Mother, Devin Townsend Band), Chris Dimas (Bleeker), Aaron Edgar (Drumeo, Third Ion), and returning as his role of producer Justin Bender (Third Ion, Into Eternity) to help deliver Tyler's new heavy sound.

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