Short Bio

       Saskatchewan based rock group, Tyler Gilbert have always striven to be a voice for the overlooked, the ones who never quite fit in, the lone kid, the underdog. From thier 2008 debut EP "Vos" to 5 albums later,  none of their work has been more intentionally pointed at them more than their current release "Underdog" (2019). Over the years their sound has evolved from a more folk sound to hard rock. They've done national tours all over their native country, from Vancouver and Edmonton to Toronto and Montreal; performed at countless major festivals, including the Ohio State Fair,  Burlington's Sound of Music, Canadian Country Music Award Festival, World Women’s Curling Championship, May Run Music Fest, Winnipeg Fringe Festival, International Folk Alliance and the Canadian Western Agribition; done national tours of the U.S. from LA and New York and everywhere in-between;  performed live on Global TV and CTV while their music hit the playlists of top stations all across Canada and Sirius XM. Endorsed by Clayton USA Picks and Shubb Capos.

Their album titled "Underdog" showcases a new direction, that of a harder, edgier rock sound. Now backed by band mates Mark Ennis (Desert Island Classic) on drums and JD Lemire (Room 333) on bass, performing as a trio. The first single "Need Love & Shelter" hit the airwaves of Canadian rock radio in the spring of 2018 to much success. The second single "Ghost Behind Your Mind" is currently receiving airplay on 50+ terrestrial and online radio stations within Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Ireland and South Africa.

"Ghost Behind Your Mind" recent achievements:

  • Received airplay on 55 terrestrial and online radio stations within Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Ireland and South Africa. Including rotations and heavy plays.
  • #1 on the Fab Chart, spending 5 weeks on the charts.
  • Nominated for Best Male Artist on the Fab Chart Awards.
  • "Ghost Behind Your Mind" featured on The Movie Jerks podcast as Artist of the Month.
  • Reached #5 on the KB Radio Top 25 Chart, spending 3 weeks on the charts.
  • "Ghost" Featured on The Piffles Podcast.
  • Reached #2 on the Zootap Radio Roch Chart, spending 3 weeks on the charts.
  • Reached #8 on Monies New Music Chart
  • Reached #10 on Spectrum Radio Petts Wood Top Top 40 Chart, spending 2 weeks on the charts.
  • Reached # 46 on the LRDR Top 50 Radio Chart.
  • Reached #18 on the CJTR Monthly chart for April

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In-Depth Bio

        Tyler was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1988. Growing up Regina, Saskatchewan he crafted his song writing skills by recording over 8 multiple song demos from 2003 to 2007.

         In 2008 he formed 3 piece rock band VOS with John Buhr and brother Aaron Gilbert which helped sculpt what would become their debut EP "Vos" released in October 2008, produced by Brad Papp. The song “Prison Wall Blues” remained for 16 months on the charts of “Saskatchewan Top 30”. Over the next few years they would play shows locally around Regina, until they disbanded in 2009.

         After the break up of VOS, Tyler went on solo and independently released his 2009 album “The Re-session” The album got its name from its relatively small budget. The overall sound and feel of the album is a bare bones singer/songwriter approach, using mainly acoustic guitars and single track vocals. Tyler began touring within Western Canada to help promote the album.

         In 2011, Gilbert's 3rd studio album "Tyler's World" was released world-wide on Farmageddon Sound and the video single “Break Free” premiered on Global Regina TV and received moderate commercial airplay within Canada as well as “Song of the Day” on songshooter.com for Sept 26, 2012. The album garnered media attention and later won him the Rawlco radio's 10k20 grant. The style of the album continued with the raw singer/songwriter feel but included more harmonies and electric guitar than the previous album. This was produced by Justin Bender and was the first album of their working relations. Over the next few years Tyler stayed busy touring across Canada and select US states tour with support acts Megan Nash and TB Judd on select legs of the tour. He also performed at festivals such as Canadian Country Music Awards, Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Chaplin and Herbert Centennials.

       During this time, Gilbert’s lyrics were used in the World Wildlife Federation “Earth Hour” song. He also made is acting debut in Discovery Channels series “Deadly Intent”. Appearing also on Shaw TV’s one hour episode of “Stripped Down” in 2012.

        In 2013, after a busy couple years Tyler released his standout album “OK Murphy”, a perfect balance on the 13 tracks set between the acoustic folk/rock of his past and the electric-driven rock of his roots. This was his first album to feature full band, featuring drummer Jayson Brinkworth on drums, Rob D on bass. Producer Justin Bender was brought back to produce Tyler’s 3rd studio album released under Farmageddon Sound. The album spawned 3 popular singles, with “Continuously” receiving moderate airplay on adult contemporary commercial radio stations and the music video was premiered by BlankTV, “Mornin’ Sunlight” received a lot of airplay on Canadian Country radio and CBC stations and “Lady of the Mountaintop” what would become Gilbert’s bestselling and most popular song to date. “Lady of the Mountaintop” would go on to receive heavy rotation on Canadian Country radio as well as Sirius XM and CBC radio. The song also reached #9 on DMDS’ “Most Active Indies” on January 4, 2016. 
       Tyler was a nominated finalist for the Regina Mayor Arts & Business “Emerging Artist” Award. Immediately following the release Gilbert hit the roads in one of his busiest years, playing countless shows and performing at top notch festivals such as Cathedral Village Arts Festival, All Folked Up In Montmartre, Regina Rams Half Time, Estevan Art Gallery 35th Anniversary, Festiv-ale, Canadian Western Agribition, Saskatchewan Country Music Awards, Midsummer Arts Festival, Kinsmen Telemiracle, Broadway Festival and the Festival of Words. Tyler was brought on to perform song writing workshops as part of the SCES Workshop Tour which travelled to schools all across Saskatchewan. Also in 2013 he teamed up with Regina hip hop act Thunderhawk and Shayne Hawken to independently release the single “Awakening at the End”.

         It was in this time frame when Gilbert joined prog metal group Third Ion, which consisted of Justin Bender, Aaron Edgar and Mike Young. In 2014 they released their debut album “13/8Bit” which was release worldwide on Glasstone Records, Peaking at #14 on iTunes Metal Charts, the album was fully embraced by press across the globe, receiving 9/10 at metal.de, 8.5/10 in Aardshock Magazine, as well as featured streams at Bravewords.com, and Metal Hammer Norway. Third Ion completed their first tour of Western Canada, which was well received by the metal community and industry. Unfortunately, shortly after the release of “13/8Bit”, Gilbert decided to leave the band to continue focusing on his own original music.

         2015 proved to be another busy year for Tyler, riding the success of “OK Murphy” he would showcase through BreakOut West at Folk Alliance International and toured extensively within Canada and the USA, receiving the attention of multiple newspapers and music news publishers. Performing at the Regina International Film Festival and Awards later that year, he also received endorsements from Steve Clayton USA Picks and Shubb Capos.

         Tyler remained busy come 2016, even appearing as the vocalist in The Co-operators radio commercial "A Better Place To Be". In May Tyler signed with GVG Records to release his full band 11 track studio album “The Montana Kid” world-wide, funded in part by Creative Saskatchewan. The title of the album is a nod to his father. Produced again by Justin Bender, the album showed a new side to Gilbert’s music with hints of his country music influences the album received the attention of the country music community. The single “Stains” received moderate airplay on commercial Country radio in Canada. The album reached #9 chart position on CJTR.

          Immediately following the release, Tyler would have his busiest year to date with tours across Canada and the United States sharing the stage with such names as Charlie Major, Sean McCann(Great Big Sea), Wyatt, Jeremy Fisher, Ken Hamm, Pare, and Sam Bradley. Performing at high profile events such as the World Women’s Curling Championship in Swift Current, SK, High Schools for Hope Charity event, Ohio State Fair, Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival, Grand Porch Party, Bow Valley Jamboree and the Living Sky Music & Food Festival.

         Tyler appeared as a guest vocalist on Daniel Besuijen’s 2016 album “The Witch Riding Your Back”. He also appears on CJTR’s “Got It Covered” compilation covering one of his early influence’s songs “To the Lady Downstairs” by the Bull North. "Stains" would later be featured on SaskMusic's InTune compilation.

         In early 2017 his song “Mornin’ Sunlight” was used in the Case Martingale "Unique Gifts" Compilation. Gilbert has announced that he will be releasing a rock album later this year with international tours to follow.
Current Lineup:

Tyler Gilbert - Vocals, Guitars

JD Lemire - Bass, Vocals


Mark Ennis - Drums



Past Members:

John Buhr - Bass
Rob Dakiniewich - Bass
Aaron Gilbert - Drums
Mike "MK" Uhrich - Guitar
Nick Petrovich - Drums


Patrick Dumont - Manager
Farmageddon Sound - Label
GVG Records - Label/Licensing
Krome Creative Services - Photographer
Walter - Digital Promotions
Larry Gilbert - Legalities
CD Baby - Distribution

Press & Reviews:
  • "A well-balanced blend of electric and acoustic rock. His distinctive voice and vision help bring together a diverse range of approaches, from the celebratory to the tragic." .... Beach Sloth, SKOPE Magazine (October 25, 2014)
  • "Really, there’s not enough space on this site to sing the praises for this album. I’m hooked. Tyler Gilbert’s Ok Murphy gets the seal of approval. Next stop – American domination."....... Melissa Kucirek, Hot Indie News (Oct 30, 2014)
  • "The adult contemporary pop/rock of "Continuously" showcase the diversity in Tyler Gilbert's music ..... JP, Jp's Music Blog (Nov 6, 2014)
  •  Tyler's CD's have been placed in the Library and Archives of Canada.
  • Was featured on Cynthia Kahn's Amused Now Podcast (December, 2014)
  • Tyler has been featured in Regina's "Leader Post" twice, in the "QC" paper once, in the Verb paper once, and Thunder Bay's "The Walleye" once
  •  "Different sound & good voice" by Jerry Cupit, Cupit Records Nashville.(2010)
  • "I'm glad I came to Regina just to see Tyler." ..... Sean McCann, Great Big Sea (May 5, 2011)
  • "The clear crisp chords, combined with thoughtful lyrics, created a relaxing folk/rock mix.".....Susan Hagens, The Walleye (Sept 2011)
  •  “He has everything to become one of Canada’s greatest songwriters”….. Miss Marilyn, CJTR (2010)
  •  Was given a good review by Theresa Lawton, wife of director/writer/producer J.F. Lawton(Pretty Woman, Under Siege, V.I.P., Mistress).
  •  Wow! This kid blew me away! He has a great voice and plays a clean guitar with some good chops and runs. I like the harmonica too. It enhances his marketability. Also, the addition of a cello adds sophistication to his recording. He could be a 21st Century Bob Dylan with one notable difference: Tyler is articulate. It’s a great album. I hope he has a fine career... " - Richard E., Fan Mail (May 15, 2011)
  •  "Nice Work!" .... Jeff Chiba Stearns, Filmmaker (May 20, 2011)
  •  "Your album has meant a lot to me since I discovered you and your music back in May. So many of the lyrics smack me right in the gut, and speak to my heart. Sometimes takes the wind out of me to hear songs that express exactly how I feel. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!!........Fan Mail(Jan, 2012)
  •  “He has a great evocative tone in his vocals." ..... Steve McDonald, BuzzCity.ca (June 2011)
  • "Prolific folk songwriter" .... James Brotheridge, Prairie Dog (May 19, 2011)
  • "Tyler, a favourite at last years festival, we had to invite him back. He just plainly enjoys performing and recording and we just plainly love to listen to him." ... All Folked Up In Montemartre (May 1, 2011)
  •  "Taking on an aggressive folk sound, with plenty of ripping electric guitar parts, Gilbert’s take on the genre is both refreshing and atypical. With strong vocals persisting throughout the album, there is still something wholly familiar, even haunting, about his songwriting." .... Ominocity (May 12, 2011)
  •  "You wrote my life." referring to "Break Free" ... Fan Mail (April 17, 2011)
  •  "Great well written songs, these should be heard on the radio." .... Justin Bender, Producer/Into Eternity (Feb 9, 2011)


Press Links:

Prairie Post - Southern AB/SK - http://www.prairiepost.com/entertainment/music/item/4548-hard-working-regina-singer-hits-medicine-hat-swift-current-july-24.html

The QC - Regina, SK - http://www.leaderpost.com/entertainment/What+eating+Tyler+Gilbert/5645785/story.html

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