Tyler's World

Tyler's World

Tyler Gilbert

Released: March 3, 2011

Label: Farmageddon Sound

Producer: Justin Bender, Tyler Gilbert

Studio: Blue Door Recording, Retrosleep Studio

Item #: CK807-03

  1. What If I Told You
  2. Everything In-between
  3. Keep-A-Runnin
  4. Break Free
  5. To My Roots
  6. Silence
  7. Their Skies
  8. Your Sunshine
  9. Clearly
  10. Take Us All
  11. My Lucky Can
  12. Waste (ft. Rhiannon)
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Tyler's World was Gilbert's first time working with producer Justin Bender. What has become to be a strong relationship of working together and 4 albums later, this was where their teamwork began. Recorded at Touchwood Studios in Regina, SK in 2011.

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