Public Concerts

Thank you for your interest in having Tyler Gilbert perform live in your venue. These events draw music lovers & new friends together for a memorable evening and hearing Tyler perform live in a public setting like this will be a treat for you and your guests. They have done concerts all across Canada and the USA and they look forward to keeping these shows going from coast to coast to coast. 


Here’s how their concerts work (some common questions/answers):

    Booking Set Ups:

    Tyler can be hired to perform in one of the following formats: (typical set time is 45min)

    1. Solo - performance will be just Tyler playing an acoustic or electric set.  Time: Max 3 hours
    2. Band - performance will be as a 3-piece band, Guitars/vocals, drums, bass.  Time: Max 1 hour

    You Need:


    • A space in your venue large enough to accommodate at least 25 guests, Tyler and his guitar/amp and PA system.
    • Power and near by plugins.


    • A space in your venue large enough to accommodate at least 25 guests, 3 people, 2 amps and a drum kit.
    • Full powered PA System.
    • Soundboard.
    • Power and near by plugins.



    When does Tyler do these shows?
    Tyler fits concerts in with his tour schedule. They typically performs year round so with a bit of advance notice we can find a date that works between us. If you have a specific date to coincide with an occasion (birthday, etc), please indicate this in the booking form.

    What does the host have to do?
    As the host/ess you will make sure there is enough room for the set up.

    Do I need a stage or sound system?
    For the band a sound system is required. For solo shows, all you need is a small amount of space for him to play. Tyler brings a small amp, PA/mic along with him. He plugs into an electrical outlet and that’s pretty much all that’s needed.

    What is a good time to start?
    Typical start time for the music is 8pm. You usually invite guests to arrive after 7.

    Will CDs and merchandise be available at the show?
    Tyler brings CDs and other merchandise to sell if any of the guests would like to purchase any to take home with them.

    What does it cost?
    If you have a price in mind include it in the application, otherwise we can discuss on an agreed price for a night of performance, We are usually pretty flexible and willing to make the show work.



    Public Concert Booking Application