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  1. Stains

From the album The Montana Kid

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It's been 4 weeks since I opened up the door
let you in my house to rest on the floor
Oh, little darlin' won't you wipe off your feet
Stay for a long time
you won't hear no complaints
Have you been out there long
What's been stringing you along

Didn't know what was missing
until you came around
When fragrances gone stale no traces are found
The loss of your company
got me going insane
The stains on the glasses are all that remain

Awkwardly speechless when you left me that day
only thoughts flowing what I wanted to say
Over and over I criticized myself
becoming a memory in a frame on the shelf
All I can think of are the little things you do
these are the nuances that make you be you

My dear I've been afraid of it all
Come back to me I'll be there for you