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  1. Just A Boy

From the album The Montana Kid

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There you go there you go
boy did I try
I don’t think you have to leave but boy it’s on your mind

bon voyage sayonara
leaving town
no more dust upon my shoes and the sun behind my back

Jimmy was just a boy
to everyone around he had a ploy
what you doing out there I cried
he turned to me and smiled and waved goodbye
Everyday dramatized
was his life
he took things way to serious and overlooked his size
Skeptical premises
in the corner he remained holding up white knuckle fists
On the move on the move
I’m checking out
for the way you treated me and served the coldest lies

where you go where you go
now I know
I don’t think you have to go but only if you say its so

Only 17
so naïve
left one day July
never to be seen
never could conceive
why did he leave