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  1. Hurt by the Fire

From the album The Montana Kid

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Old enough to explain about the truth
heard it on the news yesterday
Don’t spend your life searching for approvals that you’ll never find
they may be a distant heresy

Everything is changing and herein lies a mess
why must we pretend that’s our best
Can’t believe I listened to you called you a friend
takes a lot to put this dog to rest

Hurt by the fire your leaving
left cold by the changing of seasons
might it be all for no reason
stopped in a world without reason
I wouldn’t go it alone

Mark my words ill be heading for the storm
expressions in the sand leave no face
Shedding all my weakness with hopes to gain strength
offers me no solace no justice
Where are the limits when you keep pushing boundaries
I’m tired of these 2 bit comments
blue roses brick trails and the mocking birds sing
are we just living in moments

Highs and lows can you read my mind
I have never been broken
Find release in the truth you seek
I have never been broken