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  1. Man on the Porch

From the album The Montana Kid

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Short supplies and a long way to go
I planned I would make it but what did I know

They've captured my brother and threatened his soul
I Vowed not to stop till he had come home

Blessed by the pastor and read my last rights
Told there's a good chance I may not win the fight

Old man on the porch we must pay
Fuelled by the hunger and driven by a rage
Everyone's asking if I'll be okay
Old man on the porch he must pay
Old man on the porch he must pay

Up at a house cast a man's silhouette
I Threw down my shillings to pay for our debt

Gritting his teeth he had known this would come
A shameful fate he would never overcome

clutching my rifle I aimed with my best
the crack of the gun proves my aim was his chest

I’ve been gone for way too long
I don’t know if I’m ever coming back
need to know, know that you’re alive