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  1. For Dreamin'

From the album OK Murphy

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© 2013. T.Gilbert
Written by Tyler Gilbert
Composed by Tyler Gilbert

Meaning – Is one of my favorites from this album, straight forward it’s about dreaming, but the question is do we lose our “I” when we are sleeping?


For Dreamin’

Come lay your head to mine
bury the unknown in this secret house
leave all the curtains let the moonlight shine
Comforting blankets calm a restless mind

We could all use a little more time
For dreamin’

Breathe in the wonder make believe you’ll try
Walk through the ocean culminate your thoughts
Light is approaching now to say goodbye
Watching the stepping stones turn away to sand

And I need you for dreaming
Lets hideaway the moment
coming closer to my own illusion
my eyes closed shut still tell me where to go

I know it’s not the reason you’re leaving here this evening I know
inside your mind we lay down