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  1. On & On

From the album OK Murphy

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© 2013. T.Gilbert
Written by Tyler Gilbert
Composed by Tyler Gilbert

Meaning - is about a man who is really attracted to this particular woman, but lets her slip away from his life. Knowing he will probably never see her again he wonders if that was power or fear.


On & On

Now I have heard so many words
but I never will forget your name
I’m afraid of letting go so a name is all you’ll be
and out into the open sky
dust will turn and rearrange the changes
out into the distant sea
is where I’m casting memories

On and on and on it goes
on and on it goes again
for the dance has come to an end
all the while I question myself

Caught beneath the undertow
I can barely feel my feet
whisper words into my ear
tell me that it’s ok dear
If I’m not there before you wake
go ahead and rescue me
life’s not bad but it’s not that good
to live for a thousand years

So come with me out to the sea
where I can leave you a memory
We’ll go like birds into the range
and order up the tides to change
Wait for your life to begin