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  1. Be Someone

From the album OK Murphy

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© 2013. T.Gilbert
Written by Tyler Gilbert
Composed by Tyler Gilbert

Meaning – about finding who you are, or what you need to find in order to find solace. Whether that is by thinking deeply or travelling through cultures, you should try to further understand your mind.


Be Someone

oh, Boxes stowed inside the car for departure
don’t forget just where you came from
oh, the telephone is on the ground
the receiver can you hear me when I yell
oh ,We’re the dried up tumble weeds
were drifting and falling fast again yeah

You wanna be someone
in the corner of your mind
who will never leave you lonely
when they say you’re left behind

Oh, What’s in the clouds that make them run
are they here for you
will you leave them when you go
oh, my father told me it’s my world
do what you want and do whatever makes you happy
and do it while you can yeah
Hope tomorrow’s better
Hope that I’ll be there
Can I count on you to be someone
to be there

We must live again
on our own you say