From the album OK Murphy

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© 2013. T.Gilbert
Written by Tyler Gilbert
Composed by Tyler Gilbert

Meaning - This song has a line that was featured in the WWF “Earth Hour” anthem. It is about overlooking the simple beauties in everyday life. There are many things that are taken for granted and some that are viewed negatively but maybe shouldn’t be due to their enigma.


Beautiful Hypocrisies

I found beauty in the simple things in my insignificance
I found beauty from in another car how you caught my yawn
I found beauty with the scratches in the glass yet I can still see through

Beautiful Hypocrisies around you
The gifts of life you overlook are here too
I’ll comfort you when you’re awake you don’t know

Isn’t it amazing the orange glow of the sun leaves me breathless
and you’re here right now you’re a medical miracle
Isn’t it amazing a troubled kid who would trade the world for his dog this is all for you

I will help myself along
I found beauty