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  1. What It Takes

From the album OK Murphy

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© 2013. T.Gilbert
Written by Tyler Gilbert
Composed by Tyler Gilbert

Meaning - is about coming to terms with yourself and the fact that you can’t help everyone. You can’t do it all, all the time; so a line must be drawn.


What It Takes

don’t speak your mind what do you know about
into the night ill find a way
caught a man who wasn’t there he said
wont you come inside
What it takes to make a man out of me
search through life to find there is no help for you

and what it takes to make a man across this land
I will help you if you need some time to rest

And I couldn’t save you
from yourself

Lost the way we all live for
all my friends have come and gone
if your down and almost out my son
I will take your place